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Perfectly Pug

Striving to produce high quality, healthy, well tempered 
Pugs for your Family


At Perfectly Pug our dogs are family, we raise them in our home and provide them with the very best nutrition and healthcare. Our number one goal is not only to responsibly breed healthy, friendly and well balanced family pets but to ensure they go to the very best forever homes.

We strongly focus on temperament training, socialization and staying up to date on the very best techniques to raise better Pug puppies.  We believe a relationship with our clients is important and we are there to support,  educate and ensure these precious creatures get the love, care and attention they deserve. Contact us to find out more about our methods and philosophy.

Why we are Obsessed with Pugs!

Perfectly Pug

Looking for a loving companion with an entertaining personality? Look no further than the Pug! These sweet pups are considered a toy breed but have many of the great qualities of a big dogs, including enjoying traveling, meeting new people, and loving anyone or thing they come in contact with.  They are still a pint sized dog just without the barking, fearfulness and and maintenance of most other toy breeds.  They have been duped one of the best breeds for young children as they are full of playful energy and affection, plus, their flat faces make it impossible for Pugs to deliver a proper bite - so you can relax knowing your kids will be safe around them.

Pugs were literaly bred for one thing, to be a devoted companion.  Once a pug bonds to you its for life, they will become your constant side-kick and shadow.  They arn't wanders, most can be trained to walk off leash, and they are intelligent dogs that are attuned to your feeling.  

Another great thing is they're snoozers too! On average, these cuties get up to 14 hours sleep per day – as much rest as cats need even though they’re energetic when awake. So if you love some serious cuddle-time sessions, have young kids, are retired, or  even work full time they might just be the perfect dog for you.

"There is nothing I WOULDN'T recommend about this breeder! Amy was fantastic from day one, when I just started reaching out to ask questions etc. She is quick to respond, always pleasant and professional, and it is obvious she cares about her animals. It is not just a money-making venture for her and all her partners in this breeding business - she and her family care about and love the parents and these little puppies, and they care about getting a good family/forever home for each one. When I went to see the puppies and possibly pick one, Amy and her family were so gracious and let my daughter and I spend lots of time with all the puppies. The home was clean and the puppies were obviously clean, healthy and well cared for. We also met the mom so got to see a bit of her personality too - she's a pretty and sweet dog! Above answering questions I had, she was always giving other tips and welcome advice, and personal insights into the puppy we picked. She sent pictures every week from the time we chose our girl, and that was so sweet of her. On "Gotcha Day", she gave me the vet records of what Nellie had rec'd so far for vaccines & check ups, and a nice packet of info, including details about the breed, and transitioning our pup smoothly into her new home, some great training tips, and a copy of the contract that we signed. She also gave a 'goodie bag' including a big ziploc bag of her food, poop bags, other treats and toys, etc. - what a wonderful bonus! Amy encouraged me to reach out any time with any and all questions I might have, and I know she is sincere about that. Our sweet girl is adjusting well to her new home and I know she is going to be a wonderful addition to our family. And all of this comes at such an incredibly reasonable price - I still can't believe we got our gorgeous Olde English Bulldogge at such a great price (I'll let Amy discuss this with you so won't divulge here.) Bottom line: if you're on the look out for a wonderful family pet or companion just for you, this breed is wonderful, AND if you're looking for this breed of dog, your search is over - reach out to Amy at Beauts and Brutes today!"

Skye Gordon, NY


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