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Best Family Dogs

Pug are one of the best family dogs around! With their gentle nature and passive demeanor, these pooches fit in perfectly with many different family dynamics.  They will be full of energy when they're in a stimulating environment, but just as content to take it easy and snooze the day away! These lovable, curious characters are up for exploring new places with their people, yet still remain happy while left alone during work hours or other absences. With up to fourteen hours of sleep per day these pups won't give you too much trouble if left alone, although they do thrive on attention, so need human affection frequently and will be happy to see you when you arrive home.

Best Family Dogs for kids

Pugs are ideal for families with children of all ages. Known for their loving, patient demeanor and eagerness to play with kids, these gentle souls make great companions. With an admittedly comical-looking face and a mouth designed in such away that it's almost impossible to bite down hard - no worries when your little ones get too playful! They're rated one of the most tolerant breeds out there, though supervision and respectful handling should always be reenforced when children interact with any dog.


Teach kids how to act around a new puppy


Just as dogs need to be trained, so do children.  Teaching children the fundamentals of respect and compassion for animals is essential. Before meeting your new friend, make sure you have house rules established that every member of the family understands. Be sure to discuss other kid topics, like needing to be careful, no teasing, and how to be respectful of a dog space and touch tolerance. 

A few topics that should be reviewed/ taught before a puppy comes home:

  • Don't bother the dog while eating - even though pups need to lean to not be food aggressive this is something better learned from an adult in the house.  Hand feeding is acceptable and a great way to build trust but needs to be done properly and with  adult supervision.

  • No inappropriate touch - Pulling on tails and poking a puppy in the face may seem like fun to young kids but will surly feel like teasing and might be painful to a puppy.  Show how to let a puppy smell your hand first and come to you if they wish to be pet.

  • Don't wake or bother the puppy while sleeping or if they walk away to be alone - puppies need a huge amount of sleep to grow and developed properly, being interrupted while having a nap is depriving them of an essential need.  Also when a puppy leaves an activity it is probably because he is getting over stimulated and need time to process and give his senses a break. 

  • Have everyone in the family on the same page - a puppy will never learn the rules of the house if they are different from person to person and day to day.  Set firm rules and make sue the kids help enforce them  This will help them feel included in the training of the puppy as well.

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