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Pug Puppies For Sale / Why You Should Get A Puppy From Us

At Perfectly Pug we don't just have "Pug puppies for sale", and we don't believe you just "buy a puppy" from us, you become part of our family with a lifetime of support.  We back up our Pug puppies with a Life Time Health guarantee, breeder support and make sure our puppies are on track to become happy, healthy, well adjusted dogs.

Right from the start our puppies follow a daily curriculum which focuses on early neurological stimulation, socialization and handling, and startle recovery exercises.  This helps them to develop the very best temperaments and properly prepares our puppies to become part of your family.

We do everything breeders can possibly do to breed and rear our puppies to be the best canine companions money can buy, with optimal temperament and health.  


  • Vet health clearance, up to date vaccinations and worming. 

  • Guaranteed not inbred, dramatically reducing your puppy's
    chance of inheriting serious genetic defects ie its parents will not be related
    for at least 4 generations. 

  • We do Embark genetic tests on all of our breeding dogs. This helps us make the best breeding matches to improve the breed by avoiding major genetic issues.

  • Family reared for great early socialization so your puppy is properly prepared to become part of your family, scientifically proven to reduce the likelihood of behavioural issues later in life (good reason NOT to buy from puppy mills or ill intention breeders!). 

  • Photo or video updates of their progress as puppies.

  • A full "Users Manual" that covers your puppy's care, grooming, training etc, plus information on how to inexpensively feed your dog throughout its life for optimal health and minimal vet bills.

  • Personality matching to each family so that your new family member's
    temperament fits your household composition and ownership experience as optimally as possible.  This is especially important if you have small children in your family and/or are a first-time owner.

  • Dewclaws removed to prevent the chance of future painful injury

  • A Lifetime Money-Back Health Guarantee on life-threatening inherited disorders.

  • 6 weeks of complimentary pet insurance is also available to all new owners from Petsecure.

  • Already pre-trained to come when called (a lifesaving tool)

  • Toilet trained to our environment, making it as easy as possible for you. 

  • Chew toy conditioned to enjoy chew toys

  • A goodie bag including blanket the smells like mom for easier transition to new home.

Getting geared up for your new puppy

We suggest the following protocol when taking your puppy home to ensure a smooth transition. Stress, lack of sleep, new people etc. can compromise your pup’s immune system, and unfortunately, puppy parasites can flourish. While ALL puppies are treated on a deworming schedule, pups can leave me “clean” only to be home for a week or two and have a parasite. 

Please know that nearly all dogs / puppies have parasites. When you deworm and / or medicate you can kill all live/active parasites; however, parasites and protozoa have a plan for survival in place. They lay dormant eggs in the tissues of the host. The ONLY way these eggs can be “activated” is through stress, a compromised immune system, pregnancy (hence the puppy parasites – they are passed from mama to baby) and sickness / disease. Our job is to treat live parasites and then keep pups healthy and happy to ensure their body is not a place where dormant eggs can be activated. Unfortunately, a puppy is a preferred host since they are 80% water upon birth, grow at an incredibly fast rate and naturally have a compromised immune system. 

After a lot of thought and experience, I recommend you try the following protocol to minimize the activation of dormant parasites: 

  1. Keep the house completely calm and stress-free for three days to a week (no new visitors, limited commotion, minimal handling, etc.). Treat them like a newborn baby coming home. When you come home or have visitors stop by, please keep all shoes at the door. Parvo can be brought inside on shoes. 

  2. Do not wake the “sleeping baby”. Puppies sleep an incredible amount of time. Do not worry. As long as your pup wakes up with puppy energy, silliness, eats well, drinks well then all is good! 

  3. Mushy poop is common with stress, please feed only boiled hamburger (or boiled chicken) and white rice. You can also add in a little canned pumpkin (not pumpkin pie filling, which has other ingredients), for the first three days if your pup develops loose stools. A nice bland diet is imperative during a tough transition. If after three days, stools are firm, then SLOWLY add in dog food to the bland diet, increasing the dog food ratio over the next 5 days. You can make large batches of the boiled hamburger / chicken and rice at a time, and put the mixture in the refrigerator, or even freeze prior to the puppy coming home. 

  1. Do not feed ANY treats (including bones, etc.). Just the bland diet. You don’t want to cause an upset tummy due to food or treats. Upset tummies create a nice environment for parasites. 

  2. When your puppy has transitioned back to just dog kibble or their raw food, add a good probiotic to their food. I recommend Purina Forti Flora. 

When to worry: 

  1. Poop contains mucus or blood. If this happens, feed a bland diet for 24 hours and if the condition remains after this time period, a fecal test might be in order. 

  2. Puppy is lethargic, does not play with some vigor and or refuses to eat. 

  3. Puppy cannot poop and vomits. This can indicate he or she ate something and has a
    blockage. This is an emergency. Seek immediate veterinary care. 

  4. Liquid poop. Be careful. A puppy can dehydrate quickly, so if poop does not improve quickly, then a visit to the veterinarian will be needed. 

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